Touchstone E-learning 

A HUGE bonus in training your staff online is that they can access the training material 24/7, at a time that suits them as well as hotel operations. Unlike instructor led training which might differ from of instructor to another, online courses are standardized and offer the same content across the board. 

What we offer

As a hotel or guest house you will be able to customize and brand your LMS (Learning Management System) in line with your brand, vision and core values.
Induction courses can also be added to the standard training courses that come with the LMS.

Opening Hospitality Package

For Hotels, Bars & Restaurants

With the Hospitality industry opening up, ensuring your teams are ‘Up to Speed’ with their training essentials to keep them and your customers safe. You may also be looking to increase the level of multiskilled teams and we are here to assist you with this.

Developed by experienced hospitality trainers our online opening package covers your statutory requirements and more and with the restrictions on the use of training rooms, provides an ideal method of refreshing all of your teams and reducing your costs.

All of our training programmes are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. Each module is end tested so you can measure the knowledge of your teams and you can access reports to track progress on our Learner Management System which will also deliver professional certificates on programme completion.

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